The Lapidaris Stone is made in the world-famous Hollóházi Porcelain Manufactory
The Lapidaris Stone can be placed in a tomb and contains an NFC chip that makes the tomb interactive.
Setting up worthy memories
An online memo page that is easy-to-edit from a smart device. Create timeline events with your loved ones, upload photos, videos, and lovely stories.

Family memories are safe.
upon a single touch
Touching your smartphone to Lapidaris Stone will instantly open the personal online memorial page of the deceased.
Smart device
Memorial pages editable online from a smart device
Visit memorials based on GPS positioning
Quick access using NFC communication
Storage space
Secure storage space, eternal guarantee for data protection
No more wandering in the cemetery
Thanks to GPS positioning, grave sites can be found quickly and accurately.

With the help of a smartphone, you can get to the memorial place you are looking for in the shortest way.
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