„memories etched in stone”

Frequently asked questions

What does the Lapidaris box contain?

A Lapidaris Stone, an introductory document, and an activation manual.

What do I need to do after I receive the package?

First, you need to activate the Lapidaris Stone according to the manual enclosed in the package. After successful activation, you will be able to edit the departed's memorial website.

What happens if I don't activate the Lapidaris Stone?

In that case the departed's profile will not be available in the Lapidaris system.

Can I close the site if I no longer want to use it?

Yes. Please, contact our customer service.

How can I fix the Stone on the gravestone?

The Stone can be attached to granite, artificial stone, wood, and any other type of gravestone material. We recommend the use of a bicomponent adhesive, and the help of a professional.

Where on the gravestone should I place the Lapidaris Stone?

The Stone should be fixed in an accessible spot where it can be easily touched by a phone.

What is NFC and how does it work?

NFC is a technology which enables fast data transfer. Most smartphones and tablets support this type of communication. If we touch or move close two NFC-enabled devices, communication between them starts automatically. In the case of the Lapidaris, one of the devices is the Lapidaris Stone with a built-in NFC chip, and the other one is your device. The memorial page can be called up by touching the two.

What happens if the Lapidaris Stone gets stolen or damaged?

Sadly, we cannot guarantee complete safety from vandalism. The Lapidaris Stone has no other use, so it has basically no value for anyone but the legal owner. In case of theft, you should by all means contact authorities. If the Stone cannot be retrieved, the only way to replace it is through ordering a new one, unfortunately. However, your pictures, stories, messages, and data are stored in our system, so they will not be lost. If you encounter such an unfortunate situation, please contact us at info@lapiradis.com.

How does the gravesite location service work?

Through photos taken at the gravesite by phone. To do that on iOS devices, make sure "Location Services" is switched ON in the "Settings" menu. On Android, go to your camera settings and allow "GPS tags". This way you enable your phone's camera to use and store the GPS data of the photo taken.

How can I invite others to edit the page?

Click on the "Manage Administrators" button on the departed's profile, and follow the instructions.

I don't have an NFC compatible device. How can I access the memorial site?

Type the link on the Stone into the address bar of your browser e.g.: http://lapidaris.com/HU00000000

What are the size limits to the photos uploaded to the page?

You can upload JPEG or PNG images up to 5 MB in size each.

How much storage space is available for a profile?

In the Lapidaris system each profile has 1 GB storage space available.

If there are more than one people buried in one grave, is it necessary to buy more Lapidaris Stones?

One Lapidaris Stone is enough for one gravesite. To each Lapidaris Stone you can register more than one memorial page for each person who has been laid to rest in the same grave.

Is anyone other than the owner of the Lapidaris Stone allowed to edit the page?

Yes, anyone who has been given permission by the owner is allowed to edit the page. Profile page options: edit page upload photo or video free candlelighting in memory of the departed