„memories etched in stone”

George Emsworth

„To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die.”
NAME George Emsworth
Birth name George Emsworth
Date of birth 23 February 1932
Place of birth Bradford, England
Decased 26 March 2016
The departed's gravesite
Country England
County West Yorkshire
City/Town Bradford
Cemetery Undercliffe Cemetery
Gravesite e.g.: parcel No. 5, gravsite No. 8.
Story of the departed
My father was born into a family of doctors, so it was only natural that he went on to become a doctor himself. He didn’t think of it as a career only, going to work was his daily dose of doing something for others. He was a loving husband, father and grandfather, who could always turn a bad day around. He will be missed forever.
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Silent words
Évánk! Rezeliek ivadéka! Szeretettel gondolunk Rád, mert mindig önmagad voltál. Hűen megőrizted magadban a fájó múltat!
Written by: Rezeli Mária - 2021.01.02.
Thank you💗
Written by: Jasmina - 2020.05.20.
Forever in our heart.
Written by: Andrew Connaty - 2019.07.05.
Written by: Bela - 2019.06.20.
You were a person we could always count on in hard times. Always in our memory
Written by: From a close friend - 2019.06.07.
Your memory will never fade...
Written by: Your loving daughter - 2019.06.06.
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