„memories etched in stone”


Acting on behalf of the Operator of the website www.lapidaris.com, OLINFORM SYSTEM Kft (Ltd) (4931 Tarpa, Esze Tamás Street, 24, company registration number: 15-09-082363, tax number: 25082795-2-15, hereinafter: Operator), we make the following legal declaration.

  1. Operator is only entitled to dispose of the domain name of the web page.
  2. The web page was created for the purpose of showing the Lapidaris system designed and manufactured by Operator, its purpose, spirit and the information concerning its operation, selling the system, making its use possible and ensuring its IT operation.
  3. Within the framework of the above activities, Operator sets out information leaflets, rules on the Website in order to ensure as accurate information as possible for the users and provision of its services in accordance with the law provisions. At the same time, the Operator reserves the right to modify the contents shared by it at any time unilaterally, which will be released on this web page.
  4. Operator respects the personal data of the users of the web page therefore it will strive to apply the data protection principles included in the EU General Data Protection Regulation during the data processing.
  5. Operator will not assume any responsibility for the contents shared, released by the users, however it reserves the right to remove from the web page any contents violating the purpose and spirit of the web page or contrary to the law provisions or public morals without previous notice.
  6. Operator excludes any responsibility in regard to the documents, contents modified/became modified without his or her knowledge or will and through no fault of his or her own.
  7. The copyrighted materials found on the website – including but not limited to, among other things, the texts, designs, software programs, pictures, figures, audio materials, records, source code and content – are owned by the Operator. The copyrighted materials found here are subject to copyright protection in accordance with the Hungarian law. These materials shall not be modified, copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, downloaded, transmitted by mail or otherwise, made viewable for public, used for creating other materials, transferred, sold, or used for other public or commercial purpose and the links directing to them shall not be created unless with the express written consent of the Operator.
  8. The number of the certificate issued by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office for certifying the Lapidaris system as the Service Provider’s own software and work of art is: 006978.
  9. The Operator has exclusive property and disposal right of the brand names and trademarks found on the website, therefore it is forbidden to use them in the ways listed in Item 7.
  10. As regards the contents obtained with license from other Service Providers and used by the Operator, the owners of the contents are entitled to copyright and industrial property protection, and their use is also qualified as unlawful.
  11. In accordance with the above, the Operator reserves all rights in relation to the copyright, competition right and property right claims arising from the unauthorised use of the contents released by it or their parts, and the registered  trademarks.
  12. In connection with any community website referred to, the Operator draws the Users’ attention that by having access to the web page you acknowledge and accept the risks of public access and the danger that unauthorised external parties may modify the contents.  
  13. Send your questions concerning this legal declaration to the following address: info@lapidaris.com; we will substantially answer your letter in 30 days.
  14. Operator strives to ensure continuous availability and usability of the website; at the same time Operator reserves the right to terminate the website on its own accord.

The designation “LAPIDARIS” is an intellectual product registered with the European Union Authority for Intellectual Property under the trademark registration number 017932599. The beneficiary of the trademark is the Operator. Operator reserves all rights regarding the designation “LAPIDARIS”.

Unless with the express written consent of the Operator, the trademark found on the website shall not be modified, copied, reproduced, released, uploaded, downloaded, transmitted by mail or otherwise, made available, made viewable for public, or used for creating other materials, sold, or used for other public or commercial purpose.

Without the previous, specific license of the beneficiary, the trademark displayed on the website can only be received in full, with its form unchanged and in such a way that the receiver indicates the clear reference to the website at all times, together with the indication of the source and the beneficiary.

The injury of the rights resulting from trademark protection will involve civil law and criminal law consequences.

Nyíregyháza, 5th July 2018