„memories etched in stone”

Bai Ádám

NAME Bai Ádám
Birth name Bai Ádám
Date of birth 19 March 1988
Place of birth Hungary
Decased 2016
Memorial information
Country Hungary
County Hajdú-Bihar
City/Town Debrecen
Address Kassai út 32-34.
Built 2019
Built by DVSC Kézilabda Kft.
Story of the departed EN
English (UK)
FEBRUARY 27, 2016

Our fans were on their way back from Békéscsaba when they had an accident on the 27th ofFebruary, 2016. The four of them went together as usual. They were there for the victory,then shortly headed home. On road 47 between Berettyóújfalu and Derecske, at milestone32, a loose tire from a foreign truck hit their vehicle, which as a result became uncontrollableand collided with a truck coming from the opposite direction. Three of the passengers losttheir lives in the crash immediately…

There are no words, there’s only silence and tears…

Goodbye, brothers! We will never forget you!
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